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Jacq the Ripper
9 May
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Bio... I'll publish a proper one, when I'll have my 25th jubilee as World Emperess, and Universal Goddess, cause that is indeed what I am.

Gods gift to humanity aka MOI was born on the 9th of May 1986, which doesn't make me 25 yet.
You'll have to wait some years for my bestseller biography (will be out on DVD and VHS as well + contain a limited edition soundtrack), but I am kind and generous and will let you peak at the story behind my life already now.

Born in the loverly city of Copenhagen, on a cosy afternoon. Was given a name, which I havn't succeeded to live up to yet, so until I'll be able to realise what it's all about I'll use the moniker- Jacqueline the Ripper. Cause I am indeed the mystery of this century.

What seems to be logical for me, rarely seems to be comprehendable for other people. And to be honest, I don't get it, when that happens. One of the things I'll have to learn to live with.
Have learned to live with a lot of things. But it's only made me stronger.
"Loving every rise and fall", well at least I love the falls after I have risen, cause they make me be what I am...

What I am is undefineable.
But you're welcome to take a guess or two.

Have to wait for the rest of the story until the 9th of may 2011, or read my livejournal and learn more about me. Completely your choice.

If I havn't scared you off yet, then feel free to add me to your lj.

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