Someone kill my head.
It hurts, it fucking utterly hurts.
I'm dying. Well I would be if someone would kill my head.

And I could die in peace, cause my hair friggin' rocks. It's all black again. Pocahontas hair again :D Oh, so prettyful, got so many compliments for it. Yes, I love my black hair. And my star earrings as well. They go well together.

I have a headache, painkillers do not work. Kill my head and the painkillers, and hail my blackness hair.
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Goo Goo Dolls - Iris

And I don't want the world to see me,
Cause I don't think that they'd understand.
When everything's made to be broken,
I just want you to know who I am

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I currently have a beautiful tan, have eaten, and am gonna (hopefully) buy these sexy motherfucking shoes and gorgeous dress, and cool earring studs tomorrow. Me be happay!
Though I am returning in two days from now :(

Had a long talk with my cousin and uncle the other day, I am 120% sure now that I wan't to volounteer in the Israeli army once I am finished with high school. Not only do I already know what I want to do, but just the prospect of hotttt israeli guys in military uniforms is enough to make me faint. OMG, it is scary that it is perfectly normal in this country that a hot soldier in uniform an with a M16 asks if the seat near you in the bus is free, but the view is oh so good ;)

Hope you're all good. I have a tan, that is all that matters :P

Oooh and I bought th Boomkat cd, it fucking rocks!
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Me be travelling to Israeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel tomorrow morning. Need to be at the airport at 6am *dies just by thought*, but I am going to Israel, so it's all alright!
Haven't been there for 16 months, and I am looking forward like never before. I am like a little kid who's going flying for the first time.

Duty freeeeeeeeeeeeee, and then off on the plane, and I love flying :) Then off to another airport, in Austria, more duty freeeeeeeeee, up on another plane and then finally landing in Ben Gurion airport, seeing a big Welcome to Israel sign, while inhaling the air. Yes, I am really really excited.

Have finished packing, and am just hoping that customs won't open the suitcases. I am a good girl really, but it'd be so embarrasing for someone to see all the shit we're transporting there. Lots of food for family. All the weird stuff which you can't get there, which we bring the family from here, and the same story when we go home. Ha ha. Totally stupid.

Wanted to tell you all b'byes. Take lots of care of yourselfes. I'll take lots of pictures, so people will realise that I don't have some obscure love for suicide bombers, but see what I really love about the place. Oh yessness you shall see :)
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Nothing, really.

So I got my hair colored and cut. I like it. My mom thinks it's too light for me. And she's probably right.
Bought the digi cam, and thanks to less_andro for replying, but I couldn't control my curiousity and have opened it already. It has eaten two completely new batteries already. I think I need to get rechargeables. Using 4 batteries in the matter of an hours or two is not a standard I can uphold.

Will take some pictures tomorrow, when I have worked it out properly.

Was in a pretty good mood all day, and yes the evening ruined it. Crap de la crap. And it only reminds me of the fact that I take too much notice of what people say to me, and how they react to me. And even worse is that I am doing it with people who really should be meaningless, and unsignificant. Which they are. But yeah.

Drwon me in Diet Coke please...
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less_andro, alistairg or just ANYONE who has a clue!!! Was wondering if you could please give me your opinion on my minor "crisis". Need to decide tomorrow, as I am travelling on monday morning (6am, help!!!) and the shops are closed sunday, so if I do anything it has to happen tomorrow.

story begins
Have been searching for a digital camera for a while, found one and bought it today. Rollei d330. German piece, fine-mechanics, and generally has a really good reputation among photographers. Though I got told that for the price I paid, it probably wouldn't be as high standard as what they usually do, but still better than all the others I compared with in that price class. Now electronics costs more in Denmark than in the States/UK, but just to give an overview, I'll mention that it costs 415 USD/252 GBP, and that is with a small reduction to the price.

Though, I also found an Olympus MJU 300, which has gotten great overall reviews, and is concidered a really good camera. I could get that for 523 USD/317 GBP. Wheras it in the shop where I found the Rollei costs 692 USD/420 GBP. So it is a significant reduction (both new cameras).

Now, I am not really into photography, as I've never used my old regular camera. Developed two films or so of it, and never touched it again.
But I do want a decent camera, and I would like something which will last a bit, and which will allow me to maybe develop some photography skills, as it actually is something which interests me. But still keeping in mind that I am a beginner.

I know that this is a luxury problem, but I'd still want to know what people would advice. If to stick to the Rollei, or go for the tad better, when I have no experience with photography?

Thanks :)
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I have a headache, which is annoying me as fuck, and has been there since yesterday. But the fact that kiezo has helped me choose a digi camera, and that I have convinced szelyond about The Rasmus' greatness overshadows my headache.

And on top of that, I am getting my new kick ass hair done tomorrow. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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Random thought

Getting my hair colored and cut on thursday or friday.
A long inclined fringe, and either thick streaks which are a color lighter than my own hair, or lots of small highlights in a caramel shade. Kinda like J.Lo just in highlights. Woo!
I can't wait to go to Israel.
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Weak as I am.

"In this tainted soul, in this weak young heart am I too much for you?" - Skunk Anansie

Conversation about me being too much in control made me think of this. Is it worth slipping and letting go?
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